Peaceful Circle does it again!

🍁Fall Greetings!  

The Fall season came upon us quickly!  

Taking time away from our hectic lives was exactly what we all needed. We often say YES to everyone except to ourselves. As women we never think about investing in ourselves. 

Being around women is such a different vibe. Having girl time is engrained in us. Women have been doing it for ages. Neglecting this can be damaging. You think you’re alone or the only one going thru rough patches.

We don’t even need to speak about our issues. Don’t need to bitch and complain.  We can just BE. We can BE ourselves. 

If you’re local, I hope that you will join us very soon. Maybe you can start your own group in your town.

Babette’s Home 🏡November 2018. She is pictured here with her lovely daughters and angelic granddaughter🌸