“May Cause Miracles” A 40 Day Guidebook of Subtle Shifts for Radical Change and Unlimited Happiness by Gabrielle Bernstein

New York Times Best Seller Gabrielle Bernstein’s “May Cause Miracles” book has been life altering for me.

I first got the book as a homework assignment to be completed before I attended her Spirit Junkie Level 2 Masterclass Training at Kripalu in Massachusetts this past fall.

I think I cried the first week non-stop. Then I broke some toes. It was like I had to breakdown then rebuild myself. Six weeks is all it is. Daily meditation and exercises. Tons and tons of journaling, which I loved. Positive affirmations that you take with you throughout your day.

I’m going thru one of the most insanely exhilirating times of my life right now. I’m calm and cool. I have no self-doubt. I can’t think that way anymore. It just isn’t who I am anymore.

This took work though. Lots of work. Over and over again. If I effed up then I forgave myself and moved on, picked myself up. I still struggle in alot of areas but its ok. I don’t beat myself up.

Something truly shifts in you when you continously heal. The people around you start to take notice. You start to give off that vibe. Its energy. Its positivity.

I have to be honest. There were many dark times in my life. The overwhelming feeling of dread and self loathing every freakin morning. Nobody could talk as much shit to me as I could. I didn’t like myself. Thats hard to say now. It makes me cry. So sad. I remember in 2015, I got a book called Wanderlust. They asked a question. What do you like about yourself? I couldn’t write not one damn thing. If I said I was a good mom, then that inner voice would tell me, no you’re not. If I said I’m fit, that inner voice would call me a fat, lazy, bitch. I sit here just in complete disbelief that I would treat myself like that.

What this book offers is small shifts. Do something daily. I wake up early and I take care of myself first. Thats all I’ve really been doing. Loving myself. And I didn’t quit. I made sure I did every single day in that book.

Next year I will be having a 6 week workshop and/or a full weekend workshop at the yoga studio.

If you feel moved to purchase the book now and get started. Please do. How exciting to start loving yourself now instead of making some BS New Year Resolution.

If you feel that you need a little guidance or some serious hand holding to get thru this, make sure to reach out to me. I will have my Lifestyle Coaching Packages available on my website and Destination.Yoga next week. When you work with me 1:1, this book is included in the package price. You just need to go out and buy a beautiful journal.

I’m offering the book here on my website to buy from Amazon.

Be kind to yourself,