Healing With The Arts

I decided that I really needed something to do. Mentally and physically. I took advantage of a free online course offered by Coursera. It was $49, but due to the COVID-19, they are offering some great courses for free. I scrolled for hours one evening. I decided on a Healing With the Arts offered by the University of Florida.

This course asks you to explore the more creative side of you. Visual arts along with music, dance and sound healing. I was very intrigued.

Growing up I was very confident in my artistry. I actually won tickets to Disneyland and a trophy for a drawing I did when I was 7. The picture was of me in a hospital bed and my two friends alongside me visiting with flowers I think. Then in the 4th grade, I won 1st place for my drawing of George Washington! Yeah!!

Those are the only artsy memories that stick out. I did acrylic nails with forms for almost a decade but wasn’t too confident in my design, especially not just off the top of my head. I used to love to dance, but haven’t really anymore. I do dance around when my jams are on but that’s it. I can’t sing. I don’t really sing. I don’t mind chanting but singing, I definitely have insecurities. I still need to investigate where the shying away from art stuff comes from. All of my sons are extremely creative, painting, art, music and drawing. I’ve watched them in awe and with a curiousness.

Anyways, this course has brought me out of my shell and I’m having a blast playing. I’ve painted, created a medicine wheel (more on that later), made shapes with rocks. I’m also coloring. It’s been meditative. The art play has kept me in the moment. I’m really thankful for that.

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