5 Steps To Deal With Burnout

Lessons that I’ve learned during this wacky time. These 5 things are my go to. Always have been. Guess, I’ve lost sight of some of them. Practice these daily, hourly, it’s a practice. Allow yourself to connect again with the REAL YOU! I’ve been thinking about this lil girl a lot, and I miss my mama:) xxx

  1. CONSCIOUSLY BREATHE: You can’t suffer when you are present with your breath. If you think about breathing, it becomes healing. Pause when you feel yourself not able to come back to the moment. Inhale thru the nose for a 5 count. Hold for 5. Exhale out the mouth for 5. Do this breathing pattern for 1 min. Magic happens.
  2. LISTEN INTENTLY: Listening to our inner voice, if it’s negative, is natural. But try listening to the softer, kinder, voice within. Practice really listening to any engagement your in. With us being in close quarters lately, agitation can creep in. Focus on what the other person is saying. Really focus. Be apart of the conversation, instead of thinking about what you will say next.
  3. NO JUDGMENT: Ohh, that inner critic. If you find yourself being judgy, flip it quick. Don’t listen, but also, celebrate that you became aware of the thought, and move on. Next please!
  4. DON’T BE A SLAVE: If you find yourself being a slave to social media, your inbox, or your phone, step back. It all can wait. Really.
  5. BE KIND TO YOURSELF: Self-Compassion is key in living a life where you can allow the REAL YOU to shine. Don’t be a bully to yourself. Be easy. Take it easy. PATIENCE……NAMASTE!

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