I’ve never been more aware than now

Have you noticed your keen sense of awareness blossoming lately? I’ve never been more aware than now.

I refuse to throw anything away unless I’ve gutted the inside before placing in the trash. Before, I would have mindlessly tossed it out. I’m careful. I’m considerate. Of everything.

I’m taking delight in my daily routines. No rushing, living by the clock, actually looking into someones eyes when they’re speaking.

Giving myself a routine in the morning keeps me in check. I wake up, grab my hot black coffee (I used to be a dairy whore a million years ago), climb back in bed, and I write. Free flow writing. I’ve been doing this for years. But I have slipped this past year. This time gave me a chance to reconnect with all the rituals that help me. See, the morning used to be my crazy time. I could spin myself into madness and disrupt the whole house before 8am.

After I write, then I’ve been sitting on my meditation cushion, outside, facing East. East is the direction of new beginnings. I become aware of the sun on my face, the breeze on my side, and the birds bustling around me. I become aware of my body. My seat connected to the earth. My breath at my nostrils. I usually focus on belly breathing, but I’ve been tuning in more to the nose. A clean slate everyday. Start fresh, make intentions of who I want to be today. I become aware of my whole being. Savoring the moment, becoming increasingly aware. I don’t beat myself up for only doing 10 minutes, that’s enough for now.

If I just do those two things, then I’m set up for a great day. It keeps me clear and more aware.

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