and that’s when i snapped!

Even with the sunshine out, we can still feel down. The constant checking on updates of the world, is taxing to our bodies and our mental state. Not to mention, financial worries, doubting your parenting skills, and relationship agitation.

When I was feeling low during this quarantine, I found myself, not sleeping, not eating, not moving my body. Completely neglecting myself and just wallowing in the emotions. My mind said not to move. My body ached all over. Everything sucked. I was irritated, even angry. Any lil thing could set me off. Am I always like this? I would ask myself. I’ve always had a huge mood swing personality, that I’m still working on. I can be happy, then snap. I remember a t-shirt I saw years back. It had a broken branch on it, the caption read, “And, that’s when I snapped!” Cracks me up!!!

I can’t express to you enough, the importance of moving. When my energy is depleted, even just sitting on the ground or in bed, and starting to stretch, helps. You have to get all of that stagnant crap out of the body. Move and breath. Body and breath. Keep it simple.

This has been a great opportunity to differentiate between wanting to feel good and not giving a shit. Feel good, don’t be defeated, be easy on yourself, and I’m sending you a big squeeze ok. #stayzenmyfren

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