Moroccan Sweet Potato Recipe

If you’re looking for a quick vegetarian recipe, well here it is. 

I don’t read directions well and I’m more of an eye baller than a measurer kind of girl lol

All the ingredients are shown in the pic except for olive oil. I use grape seed oil.

Bake the sweet potatoes @ 400 for 30ish minutes Sauté the onion and apples, then add the garlic, spices, chickpeas & a splash of syrup. Boom! Done!

Tweaked this recipe I found on Pinterest


I am terrified of getting to my destination with no luggage! Maybe I’ve heard too many horror stories or think of the “Meet the Parents” movie too much.

My last trip was to the East Coast. Being from Cali, I even had to buy some warm clothes for the 30-40 degree weather. I knew packing heavier clothes was going to be a task. 

Here are my best TIPS:

  • My strategy is to have similar colored clothes that I can mix and match. My color theme is normally black, but I’ve added gray and white this year.

  • I also start laying out my clothes a good week in advance. This is where I create a massive pile and then slowing start chucking items into a “NOPE” pile.

  • Once I have enough outfits for the trip, now I can narrow down shoes and heavier items, like jackets and shoes. 

  • Another great tip is to fill your shoes with socks and undies. Now I’m ready to put my shoes in first. Then I start rolling all my clothes up, making them as small as possible. Definitely do a trial run to see if you can add and eliminate any items. 

  • Toiletries are last. If I’ve run out of room on my carry-on luggage then I can toss them in my backpack.

  • I use a backpack (BELOW IS THE BACKPACK I USE. GREAT COMPARTMENTS, EASY TSA ACCESS FOR MY IPAD) as my personal item to carry-on with me. I can place all the things I will need for a flight.  

  • The last tip is to wear as many clothes as you can onto the plane. You can layer clothes and wear your bulkiest shoes or boots.

  •  BELOW IS THE BACKPACK I USE. GREAT COMPARTMENTS, EASY TSA ACCESS FOR MY IPAD. David and Kiefer have the same one. We love it. I’ve attached an Amazon button to click and it will take you right to it.

I have been pulled aside soo many times at the airport. TSA loves me! Even in Mexico they grabbed me because I was wearing a bandana headband, making sure nothing was underneath it. The best was when I got pulled to the side right before boarding the plane. A long line behind me. They opened my carry-on right in front of everybody and pulled out a box that had an edible candy bra in it!! OMG!! Mortified!! Lol! That sucker didn’t even stick to my boobs so it was a waste of time anyways! 

So, these are my top tips. Hope you read something that you will use for your next trip. Feel free to share any of your traveling tips. Ciao for now:)

peace out,


Morning Pages

The Artists Way by Julia Cameron was recommended by Nikki Myers. She is a motivational speaker. Everytime I hear her speak, I always take something away.

From this book, I have taken away one mainstay. I do the “Morning Pages”. Everyday, every morning.

Before I check my bank account, before I check my Instagram and email. I check in with myself. I grab my coffee, get back in bed and write. It is free flow writing. I don’t edit it. I never judge it. 

Sometimes my writing can be about a dream. A lot of times its ideas, plans and goals. A safe place where I can jot down all my life’s plans. Many times, it is where I can work out some things that are troubling me. 

In working with Gabby Bernstein this summer, I have acknowledged my inner guide. Kia Miller, a beautiful yoga teacher, said it so eloquently on Instagram this week. Kia referred to it as your inner knowing, the quiet voice of your conscience/soul. 

We all have that intuition. Gut instinct. Stay close to it. Listen.  

Hoping to get in the groove of writing more on my blog. Lots to learn and get used to.

Take a moment and follow these courageous women on Instagram.

I have attached a pic of the book along with a quick and easy way to order on Amazon. They do have a journal workbook but I like to buy my own journals and fun pens.

peace out



Often times when we start to create GOALS for ourselves, we don’t make them with much CLARITY.  They usually are on the broad spectrum. For example, “I want to eat healthier” can be replaced with, “I will incorporate one (1) more veggie and/or fruit to my meals.”

Using the S.M.A.R.T method can give you a guideline so that you can be SUCCESSFUL in obtaining your healthy lifestyle.

S – Specific – Goals must be clear, stating specifically what should be accomplished.

M – Measureable – Goals must be measurable so that you can see whether you’re making progress.

A – Attainable – Goals should be realistically attainable. The achievement of attaining a goal reinforces commitment to the program

R – Relevant – Goals must be relevant to your particular interest, needs and abilities. 

T – Timebound – Goals must contain estimated timelines for completion.

Start with 1 or 2 goals and get REAL about them.

This information was gathered from the ACE HEALTH COACH MANUAL